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    At J&T Trailer Service, we have worked with more than 40 companies across Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio in ensuring timely maintenance and service plans. Companies use J&T Trailer Service mostly for on-site trailer maintenance and emergency repairs.

    As a member of the Small Business Association of Michigan, we are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed with clients. Through reliable personalized maintenance programs and with 30 years of experience in the trailer repair and trucking industry, we have been providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service for companies like FedEx Supply Chain Services, B&W Interstate, Landstar, Aurora Trailer Leasing, and C*Mac for years. By partnering with J&T Trailer Service, you get dependable and high quality service that helps keep your trailers on the road where they belong.

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    Brakes, Suspension, Axle Alignment, Electrical, Body Work, Roof Patch, Section, or Replacement, Frame Straightening and Welding, Door Repair or Replacement, and Dolly Legs.

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